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Hey - my name's Rob!

If you told me a few years ago that I’d be where I am now, I’d say awesome, but how can I get there faster?—because where I’m at now, compared to where I was, is pretty damn great. 

I get to work where I want. Currently I’m AirBNBing throughout California, living on vineyards, working from beach town cafes, and exploring Yosemite and other national parks in my free time. Before this, I traveled to 12 countries in 7 months.

I get to work when I want. I usually wake up around 8am, sometimes later, then do my morning routine and find a work spot. Other days I might explore my new destination in the morning and start work around noon. 

I get to work how I want. I can take as many breaks, walks, and “tea times” as I want. I can work in gym clothes at the cafe, in a bathing suit poolside, or on a blanket in the park.

What I have is referred to as a full-time remote job. It’s like having the flexibility of a freelancer and the stability of a W-2 employee. 

It’s truly the best of both worlds, and you can have it too.

Whether you’re suffering from the monotony of office work, the instability of freelancing, the triviality of general labor, the thanklessness of service work, or the stresses of being a starving artist, full-time remote work offers you a way out.

It's a way out I wanted for years but didn't know how to find...
That's me on the Cliffs of Moher on a workday. I decided to see the sights before "heading into the office"
A full-time remote job was the job I was seeking for years but no one ever told me about.
A few years ago I landed what I considered my first “real job” at a digital marketing agency.

When I received an offer after the interview I was ecstatic. The freelance work I had done to build my portfolio finally paid off. Now, I could leave my miserable job as an admin at a car repair shop.

I was ready to stick it to the manager of the shop! I was done answering phones, running credit cards, and doing the work a 12-year-old could do. My new job would make me happy. I believed this.

And then I started the new job at the agency's office...

For the first few months it was good. The subject matter was new, the people were nice, and the pay was slightly better. I also had my own desk, sick time, and two weeks paid time off. 

All this was pretty cool to me at the time. But the thrill quickly faded. I started to realize that I was being treated like a child.

Not being in my seat or area raised suspicion...

I had a tight 30-minute lunch break...

I was thanked with low pay and two weeks off…

Managers wanted my work, not my ideas...

The only positives I could see were the colleagues who had become my friends and the financial stability. But still, the workplace did not empower these great people and the pay, while stable, was quite low.

I coasted for a year at this job, not knowing what else to do. And eventually I cracked and quit to save my sanity.
Trading office work for freelance work is like working two jobs for less pay and less freedom.
After quitting, I started freelancing full-time. I had never freelanced on a full-time basis before but was determined to make it work. However, three months in, I realized that freelancing was not the life for me.

One client sued me, another client never paid me, and it always felt like I was working two jobs. The first job was writing for clients. The second job was finding clients, which I didn’t get paid for! 

Sure, freelancing is great for earning a little money and building a portfolio. But it is miserable for someone like me who likes financial predictability, paid vacation time, and free evenings and weekends.

Stressed out from freelancing, I decided to give the W-2 life another shot...

This was when full time remote work was in its earlier days of gaining traction, so, for me, W-2 work meant office work.
If you’ve got the itch, it’s impossible to trade office work for “better office work.”
In hopes of making the office grind more bearable, I applied to jobs in places that were exciting to me. One of these places was Los Angeles. (As a cinephile, I was always fascinated by LA.)

Eventually, a cool startup located across the street from Universal Hollywood offered me a position. One week later I drove across the country, found a beautiful shared house to live in, and enjoyed sunny weather nearly every day. 

It was all very exciting until it wasn’t.

This time, it wasn’t the cubicles, low pay, and micromanagement that did me in. Compared to my previous job, everything was amazing. But still, something felt off...

I felt trapped. 

To feel less trapped, I took vacations overseas, volunteered to work on farms, and got permission to work remotely one day per week. 

But I always had to return to the office—under the fluorescent lights, in the same seat, with the same view, and the same people.
Feeling trapped made me do shitty things to myself and others.
I drank excessively, had hangovers that brought me to the brink of complete meltdowns, and even cheated on a girlfriend.

I also experienced physiological symptoms. I bit and scarred my bottom lip and started to develop a bloated sensation in my gut. I felt like I was pregnant all the time and was extremely self-conscious of my physique. 

This was one of the lowest points in my life. But this desperate time forced me to answer some hard, important questions…

Question #1: Why was I continuing to work in an office? 

Answer: Because I didn’t feel like I deserved the trust to work outside of it. This goes back bad programming I received as a child. (If you’re not at school, you’re not learning; and if you’re not at work, you’re not working.)

Question #2: Why was I afraid to leave the office? 

Answer: Because change is hard. But the short-term discomfort of change is more bearable than the long-term misery of stasis.

Question #3: Why did I cheat on my girlfriend? 

Answer: Because I felt trapped and made myself believe it was because of her. Cheating on her was a much faster (and shittier) way to gain “freedom.”

But that was then and this is now.
Today, I'm living thousands of miles aways from my employer's office and living the life I want.
I’m sitting in the sun writing this to you from a cafe in a little beach town thirty minutes north of San Diego. I’m outside on the deck, the California coastline is my backdrop, and no managers or clients are in sight.

The company I’m currently working for couldn’t care less about what I’m doing or where I am because I’m delivering good work.

This is how things should be.

If you agree, there are tens of thousands of opportunities at companies like the one I’m at now and I can show you how acquire them. 

Below, you'll find everything you need to get on the fastest path to landing a full-time remote job.

See you outside the office! ☀️

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Lesson 2: Understand the remote job landscape. 
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Lesson 5: Create portfolio content (part 2). 
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Lesson 6: Finalize your portfolio. 
We put the finishing touches on your portfolio to help you become a top 10% applicant.
Lesson 7: Create an online resume.
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Lesson 8: Create an "idea first" cover letter.
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Lesson 9: Quickly apply to remote jobs.
I show you how to apply to as many as 20 remote jobs in 20 minutes!

Lesson 10: Apply to remote jobs on AngelList. 
Apply to remote job at promising startups and stand out from other applicants.

Lesson 11: Find hidden remote jobs. 
Use a Google search trick to find remote jobs that aren't always listed on job boards.

Lesson 12: Get a second round interview. 
I tell you how to end each interview to dramatically increase the odds of getting a follow up.
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